How I got started

Hi there, I started making Corn Hole games about 15 years ago in 2007. I was having a birthday party for my son & wanted to get a bunch of outdoor games for the kids to play. Well, cornhole was one of those games. The local sports stores quality was not going to last me. I am handy, had lots of tools & decided to make my own set. Yes, it wasn't the best set & I have made lots of improvements since. My family & friends over the years requested I make them a set & then I decided to start selling to others. I still have my original set!! I do lots of custom sets for local businesses, golf fund raisers, raffles, Birthday gifts, father's day, even 10 tournament sets for businesses. I really enjoy making these for people. The reactions I get from people when their set is done is priceless. So contact me if you want a quality set that will last for years to come. I can do just about anything you can think of. Just remember, the more work i need to put into a set, the more money it will cost you. I do lots of classic car, hobbies, color coordination, business sets. You can get a favorite team box painted a certain color. If you need a license logo, it will need to be puchased by you & I can place it on the board. All the sets I make get coats of Exterior Grade Polyurethane. This will allow for protection & easy cleanup if dirty or wet. I also sew up my own bags. I use Duck fabric which is the Material of choice for cornhole bags & put feed corn inside. I can send you a quote on what you think of.